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February-June 2019
Feb. 1 (Fri)Amazing Kids Connection Set Up—Calvary 12:30PM
Feb. 2 (Sat)Amazing Kids Connection—Calvary—Underwear & Socks
8:30AM Feb. 3 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30 Communion
Feb. 10 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—Valentine’s Day—Gladys—Coffee
Feb 12 (Tues) Love Is Letting Go of Fear, 7:30 PM Woodrow Methodist Church
Feb. 17 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM
Feb. 24 (Wed)Sunday Service 11:30AM
Mar 1 (Fri)Amazing Kids Connection Set Up—Calvary 12:30PM
Mar 2 (Sat)Amazing Kids Connection—Calvary— Underwear & Socks 8:30AM
Mar 3 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—Addiction Drugs/Alcohol, Food/Gambling—Communion
Mar 10 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—First Sunday of Lent—Ash Wednesday
Mar 17 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—2h Sunday of Lent—St Patrick’s Day
Mar 23 (Sat) The Spirituality of 12 Step Recovery, 9:30AM Woodrow Methodist Church
Mar 24 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM – 3rd Sunday Of Lent
Mar 31 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM – 4rd Sunday Of Lent
Apr 5 (Fri)Amazing Kids Connection Set Up—Calvary 12:30PM
Apr 6 (Sat)Amazing Kids Connection—Calvary—Hygiene Products 8:30AM
Apr 7 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—5th Sunday Of Lent—Communion
Apr 14 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—Palm Sunday—Passover
Apr 20 (Fri)Good Friday Service 7:30PM St. Simons
Apr 21 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—Easter
Apr 28 (Sun) Sunday Service 11:30AM—Earth Day—Gladys
May 3 (Fri)Amazing Kids Connection Set Up—Calvary 12:30PM
May 4 (Sat)Amazing Kids Connection –Summer Clothes, New Swimsuits—Calvary 8:30AM
May 5 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—Communion
May 12 (Sun) Sunday Service 11:30AM—Mother’s Day—Gladys
May 17-19 Women’s Retreat—NO SERVICE
May 26 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—Memorial Day
May 31 (Fri)Amazing Kids Connection Set Up—Calvary 12:30PM
June 1 (Sat)Amazing Kids Connection—Pasta, Jar/Can Sauce, Vegetables—Calvary 8:30AM
June 2 (Sun)

Sunday Service 11:30AM—Tree Of Life Brunch— Gladys—Communion

June 9 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM
June 11 (Thurs)Workshop 7:30 PM Woodrow Methodist Church
June 16 (Sun)Sunday Service 11:30AM—Father’s Day Service—Gladys
June 23 (Sun) Sunday Service 11:30AM—last service until September

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