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"Living Recovery," March

Anyone whose life has been affected by addiction, either their own addiction or that of someone close to them, knows how deeply such diseases touch us. Whether the addiction centers on alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or whatever, the effect is not just physical but spiritual as well. Scott Peck calls it "the sacred disease" because it takes our spirit and the only known way back is to put ourselves in the hands of another and be led back.

Recovery Bible StudyAnyone whose life has been affected by addiction and who has come from there into recovery knows the wonder and day-by-day gratitude of having health, hope and being thankful for "Living Recovery."

Amazing Grace Interfaith is a member of Recovery Ministries, which began in1980 as an independent, nationwide organization of the Episcopal Church, made up of laity and clergy, schools and institutions, all with a shared commitment to address the issues associated with addiction in general. There are now many other faith communities who share the work and hope.

The work of Recovery Ministries has three main thrusts.

  1. The first is to be a source of information about addiction.
  2. The second is to encourage churches to observe an annual Recovery Month and produce materials helpful in planning and carrying out such a celebration.
  3. The third element of the work is to be a resource to the church in developing skills for intervention in addictive behavior and thereby leading suffering persons and organizations into recovery.

At the 11:30AM Amazing Grace Interfaith Service prayers, music and stories will be geared toward a specific addiction with a brief sharing by a person in recovery. At 12:30PM in St. Simon's Church Hall, literature on addiction and the blessings of recovery will be provided by the 12 Step General Services Offices of AA, OA, GA, DA, and other rehabilitation and recovery programs.

This event is open to the public--everyone is welcome! Coffee, tea and bagels will be served.

Sponsored by Amazing Grace Interfaith Ministry
St. Simon's Episcopal
(718) 356-6441
1055 Richmond Road

First Sunday in March: Alcohol/Drugs
Second Sunday in March: Gambling/Food Disorders

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