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March 2018

HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Where I live, March is a transition month. Spring wants to pop through, but winter isn’t quite finished with us. I get antsy during the month of March. My hands itch to dig in the dirt. I see tiny shoots of green. Birds are chirping again the sun seems a little brighter each day. So, I begin preparing for spring and summer planting. I clean pots, sharpen tools, and have new ideas for my gardens. But then I remember my spiritual garden. Am I sharpening the tools of meditation and prayer? Am I taking inventory of new ways I can share God with the world around me? Am I preparing the soil of my life for new and exciting challenges for personal growth? During the month of March, I see the promise of new life in my garden and new life sprouting within the garden of my soul. Laura Ricker (Maryland)...

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Edited by Rev. Mary Hansen. The newsletter will change regularly. We look forward to hearing your stories, comments and input.


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