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June 2018: Looking Beyond

I have found that when my feathers get ruffled, the best thing I can do is look within rather than outside of myself. Even if I believe another person is 95 percent wrong, there is still my 5 percent. For the other person’s 95 percent, I have to work on forgiveness. I must also take inventory and ownership of my own “Stuff” that is keeping me from being the best I can be. Most often the problem is fear. Fear I will somehow lose something I either have or want; fear that life will not go the way I want it to; or fear that life is like a game of musical chairs and I will be left chairless. As I examine why I am upset, I find that it is rooted in something that happened in 2006 rather than 2018. Old wounds resurfacing that need to be healed....

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Edited by Rev. Mary Hansen. The newsletter will change regularly. We look forward to hearing your stories, comments and input.


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