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January 2019: A New Year, A New Road

Our life is a journey and we are always “On The Road.” Each time another January greets us, we have an opportunity to pause, see where we have been, notice how far we have come, and think how that journey has been for us. Each New Year is a time to clear our vision, to take stock of our resources, do an inventory and refresh our dreams as we set out once more on the journey of 2019 that is ours.

As I thought about the many Januarys of my life (January 19th is my birthday) I see how differently I entered some of the New Years. Sometimes I have been exhausted on the road, worn out and weary. Other times, I have rushed into the New Year with excitement about the possibilities ahead. There have been Januarys when I’ve begun the journey full of pain and heartache with tears in my heart at the death of my parents and friends. Or anxious over struggles and problems that loomed ahead. I can also remember meeting the New Year with peace and gratitude.

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Edited by Rev. Mary Hansen. The newsletter will change regularly. We look forward to hearing your stories, comments and input.


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