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April 2022

To All Friends of Amazing Grace Ministry and News from the Heart Readers:

Many Blessings to all on you on Passover, Easter, Ramandan and birth of Lord Rama


Stephanie wanted to be a dancer since she was four. That dream shattered when she woke up at 18 in a hospital bed to learn that her foot had been amputated following an auto accident. Those around her would not allow her dream to be quashed. Her mother affirmed that Stephanie was still a dancer, even if she only had one foot. Her dance friends swarmed her hospital bed insisting and believing Stephanie would dance again, inspiring her by plastering the walls of her hospital room with posters of worldfamous dancers. Her dance teacher and the dean at her performing arts high school assured Stephanie she would continue to be a dancer. It worked.

“The doctors amputated my foot, but they didn’t amputate my soul, and my soul needs to dance,” she told a reporter. At her high school graduation three and a half months later, Stephanie inspired the crowd when she took the stage, dancing with just one leg. Her story spread, and strangers began raising money for reconstructive surgery, physical therapy and prostheses. Stephanie has a successful international career as a professional dancer. She also opens possibilities for others as an instructor for an organization that offers free classes to those with disabilities.

Stephanie’s story demonstrates the power of community. It’s no different for us being in spiritual community. We are not meant to do this life alone. Being active in spiritual community encourages, uplifts and shepherds us to a deeper connection with God through each other....

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Edited by Rev. Mary Hansen. The newsletter will change regularly. We look forward to hearing your stories, comments and input.


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